Wickham Terrace Windmill

The Wickham Terrace Windmill research project is being carried out with the aim of communicating the history of the windmill to the public. The end result of the research conducted is the construction of a digital model that captures the experience of visiting the Old Windmill, complete with a reconstruction of the original treadmill, millstones and sails. In addition, the current day state of the windmill was documented. Both versions are viewable using the embedded Sketchfab viewers on this page.

The oldest surviving building in Queensland, the Old Windmill tower is located on Wickham Terrace. Constructed in 1828 using convict labour, it was only functional as a windmill until 1845 when it ceased operation and fell into disrepair. It was substantially renovated and converted to a signal station in 1861. The building is well-maintained thanks to significant conservation work carried out in 1988 and 2009. The Old Windmill is clearly a place of rich cultural heritage within Queensland; and yet it is generally inaccessible to the public due to concerns about safe access and preservation. This lack of access was an additional motivation for creating an easily accessible 3D model.

Complementing the resulting 3D model is a methodology for constructing a digital cultural heritage model of a place, grounded in a base reference framework with a high degree of confidence, while allowing for flexible manipulation of the scan data, different levels of detail and complexity; all on a platform that allows for ease of visualisation and sharing with others.

We would like to thank everyone who has been assisting us with this project, in particular Brisbane City Council and the National Trust Queensland for allowing us to visit the site and view their archive files on the Old Windmill. Many thanks to Magnus Eriksson from House Histories and to Peter Solberg for providing their digital models of the Old Windmill for reference!

We gratefully acknowledge the continuing assistance of the Brisbane City Council in allowing us to access the Old Windmill for 3D scanning and site investigations and for providing us with a reference copy of the 1996 conservation study for the Old Windmill and Reservoirs.

We are most grateful to Dr Huat Seng Lim, for his generous philanthropic donation to the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and IT, which has enabled this project to be undertaken. Thank you!


The Old Windmill – 2018 Report

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